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Date: Thursday, November 10th

Time: 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm EST


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We are AADOM's Chapter of the Year for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021!

The purpose of the AADOM Triangle Area Chapter is to elevate and educate local dental office managers. By developing local networking, we can promote best practices through education, training, and peer-to-peer support.

Our chapter is blessed with award-winning practice admins and a host of national speakers who attend our meetings. Our members have access to the best dental management minds and a rich network of like-minded people.

We happily welcome members from:

Our group of dental office managers makes us the largest chapter of AADOMOpens a new window to the AADOM website in the country.

We love to keep expanding and welcoming new members while showcasing the benefits of AADOM!

Membership Benefits
Discover why we are the number one chapter in the country.
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Expert Knowledge
We are recognized as a leading local source of expert knowledge in dental management. Many dental practices in our area are benefiting from the education provided by the largest chapter of AADOMOpens a new window to the official website in the country.
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Creating Leaders
With the application of the latest management strategies, our members excel professionally by exercising leadership in research, policy development, and practice management.
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Peer Support
Feel part of our tribe and share your ideas at our local chapter meetings. You’re no longer on an island but are part of a national organization that cares for each other and helps each member succeed.

Patients Treated

Ideas Generated

Teams Managed

Coffees Needed

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How Can Dentists Benefit?
If you want a more efficient, profitable, and happier practice, then read on...

Our vision is to advance the leadership, education, and growth of dental office managers in the Triangle area. Why? Because we want each dental practice to be profitable, efficient, and a wonderful place for every patient to visit. Each dental practice with an AADOM trained office manager will enjoy:

  • Measurable and sustainable improvements in several areas of the practice, from marketing to patient recall.
  • Dentists who feel confident in the strategies of the management team as they adhere to the latest regulations and best practices.
  • The treatment team (including dentists) having more time to focus on caring for patients rather than the business side of the practice.
  • A more profitable practice with simple systems that focus on sustainable results.
Hear from Triangle Area Dentists and Their Teams

Great network! I always learn something new at meetings.

Sheila A. (Chapter Member)

An awesome group of dental managers striving to be their best! They bring education and CE courses to help offices be successful!

Sandra W. (Chapter Member)

This organization is the cream of the crop of dental office managers. It does not get better than these people!

Laurie O. (Chapter Member)

Our Triangle Tribe

Meet our board members.
Executive Board
Headshot of the Triangle Area Chapter AADOM Co-President, Liz Russell
Liz Russell, MAADOM
Charles Ashley Mann and Associates
Headshot of our other Triangle Area Chapter AADOM president, Debbie Evans

Debbie Evans, MAADOM

Co-President – 2020 Practice Administrator of the Year

Practice Administrator with Distinction in 2017, 2018, and 2019!

See Feature on the Observer
See Feature on AADOM’s Website
Wainright & Wassel DDS

Headshot of Claudia LaSmith, the Treasurer at Triangle Area Chapter AADOM

Claudia LaSmith, MAADOM

Treasurer – AADOM’s Practice Administrator of the Year with Distinction 2019

Follow her blog – Chat With Claudia
Bell Family Dentistry

Headshot of Jessie Torrey, the Co-Secretary at the Triangle Area Chapter AADOM
Jessie Torrey FAADOM
Wainright & Wassel DDS
General Board
Headshot of the Triangle Area Chapter Board Member, Jenna Stahl
Jenna Stahl
Board Member
Drs. Bowman Padgett and Associates
Headshot of our Triangle Area Chapter Board Member, Kelsey Mahfouz
Kelsey Mahfouz , FAADOM
Board Member
Raleigh Dental Arts
Headshot of our Triangle Area Chapter Board Member, Shannon Witucki
Shannon Witucki
Board Member
Stansell Dentistry Associates
Headshot of our Triangle Area Chapter Board Member, Sommer Wisher
Sommer Wisher, RDH
Board Member
Triangle Tribe Committee Members
  • Dawn Ackerman
  • Kay Angley
  • Cynthia Anthony
  • Christy Baldwin
  • Whitnee Baldwin
  • Jodi Ballington
  • Kate Barry
  • Alisa Baxley
  • Sally Bender
  • Tonia Bennett
  • Michele Benz
  • Christi Bintliff
  • Michele Blevins
  • Diana Boddorf, RDH, MEd.
  • Sybil Bordeaux
  • Karyn Bragman
  • Amy Brooks
  • Craig Brooks
  • Lissa Buckner
  • Brooke Burlison
  • Jackie Cecconi
  • Cassandra Clonninger
  • Monica Crawford
  • Lisa Creech
  • Katelyn Daniels
  • Colleen Deming
  • Melissa Dickinson
  • Tracie Dorris
  • Jessica Ennis
  • Debbie Evans
  • Connie Feng DDS
  • Phillissia Fields
  • Antoinette Finizio
  • Paula Fix
  • Angela Fly
  • Sandra Garrard
  • Brooke Gerrell
  • CeeJa Gordon
  • Heather Grabbs
  • Ashleigh Grainger
  • Leah Green
  • Debbie Harrell
  • Fred Harrison
  • Lynn Harrison
  • Summer Hart
  • Maria Henderson
  • Vanessa Hernandez
  • Kimberly Hill
  • Ashlynn Hines
  • Sandy Holcomb
  • Crystal Holder
  • Amanda Horton
  • Jillian Huff
  • Paulette Jolly
  • Virginia Jones
  • Dianne Jordan
  • Latanya Kelley
  • Tammy Kennedy
  • Brenda Keppel
  • Beth Lamm
  • Patty Lane
  • Beth Langdon
  • Claudia LaSmith
  • Sheila Lassiter
  • Heather Layell
  • Vicki Lehr
  • Cyndy LeMaster
  • Sara Leonard
  • Monica Lopez
  • Kelsey Mahfouz
  • Casandra Matthews
  • Crystal Matthews
  • Sylina McKinney
  • Heather Mears
  • Myrna Mercer
  • Candice Messer
  • Anita Mitchell
  • Nakia Mobley
  • Susanne Moyer
  • Laura Nall
  • Valorie Nance
  • Kristy Nay
  • Christina Pate
  • JoAnn Pate
  • Meenal Patel, DDS
  • Wanda Pearson
  • Jo Pell
  • Rebecca Pendergraft
  • Michelle Ramirez
  • Holly Revels
  • Amy Rich
  • Jessica Richardson
  • Jeanette Riggins
  • Kimberly Riggs
  • Liz Russell
  • Amber Skelton
  • LeChelle Smith
  • Megan Smith
  • Tearsa Smith
  • Siunis Solis
  • Stephanie Spivey
  • Joann Stewart
  • Martin Suiter
  • Lindsey Sumakeris
  • Jessie Torrey
  • Donna Tyson
  • Diane Voss
  • Kendra Weiers
  • Alison Wilson
  • Kelsey Wilson
  • Susan Winchester
  • Jeff Wingate
  • Donna Wolfe
  • Kim Wolozyn
  • Amanda Yde
  • Kayla Zach
  • Hope Zivitski
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Learn more about our #triangletribe and discover why the Triangle Area Chapter AADOM is for you.

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